Reveleris Flash System by Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

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Reveleris Flash System

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Grace Davison Purification Reveleris® Flash System - Saves Time and Eliminates Guesswork in Your Purifications!

Grace Reveleris Flash Chromatography System has simple and intuitive interfacing
The Interfacing of the Reveleris system guides the user and gives status prompts and alerts together with online diagnostics and network data retrieval. The adjustable single-panel touch screen of the Reveleris is simple to navigate and control. Fraction tracking is managed by a real-time color display with peak-to-tube and tray correlation making it easy to choose the right fractions for workup.

Plug-n-Play Interaction of Reveleris incorporates automated solid or liquid sample loading, auto-air purge of spent cartridges, and a self-cleaning injection valve
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) recognizes RevelerisTM cartridges and auto populates cartridge, flow rate, and run-time parameters for ideal separations. Fraction trays, also equipped with RFID tags and optical sensors, trigger run pausing upon removal giving continuous access to fractions for post-run analysis.

Compact Ergonomic Design of the Reveleris Flash Chromatography System
The Grace Reveleris features a small footprint that fits easily into a standard fume hood. The 12" tilt screen is fully adjustable to accommodate variable viewing heights and easy access to solvents. Cartridges and service panels are conveniently located in the front of the system.

Enhanced Solvent Flexibility delivers binary gradient functionality with four solvent selection, extended reservoir capacity, and chromophoric solvent capability
Simultaneously purge solvent lines for rapid solvent switching. Solvent safety features include anti-static solvent lines, cartridge pressure sensing, and auto-flow stop if the collection tray is removed.