Reveleris® Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges

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Reveleris® Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges
Silica flash cartridges, while effective for many applications, have their limitations for some compound classes like carbohydrates and lipids. For these applications, Grace Davison Discovery Sciences has introduced the Reveleris® Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges.

Reveleris® Amino Flash Cartridges
• Ideal for polar and basic molecules
• Compounds such as carbohydrates, nitrogen containing heterocycles, amines, etc. which exhibit peak streaking and tailing with unbonded silica cartridges.

Reveleris® Diol Flash Cartridges
• Alternative selectivity to unbonded and reversed phase media
• Broad application to separate a variety of molecule polarity types including lipids

Reveleris® amino and diol bonded phases help chemists to overcome separation challenges in purification with benefits that include:
• Improved retention and resolution of varied polarity compounds
• Increased durability to withstand higher pressures (up to 200psi)
• Higher capacity for higher sample loads
• Tight particle size distribution and minimal fines for low backpressure
• RFID tagging simplifies instrument operations by prefilling method parameters
• Compatible with organic or aqueous mobile phases