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Retroviral Research Products
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Bio S&T is the only commercial provider of highly purified human tRNAs. RNA is most widely used as the primer of retroviral reverse transcriptases. The 3’ end of the tRNA binds to the complementary binding site on the viral RNA therefore initiating reverse transcription.
1. tRNALys3 is the primer of HIV-I, HIV-II, SIV and FIV.
2. tRNALys1,2 are the primers of BLV, HTLV-I and II, SSV, FLV, VV, CAEV, MPMV, SMR and EIAV.
3. tRNATrp and tRNAPro are the primers of ASNV, SSV, FLV, BLV, MLV, HTLV-I and II.