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  • For use with 225 mm a-length electrodes, PG 13.5 thread

  • Retractable probe design for easy access to electrode

  • Safety feature prevents moving probe into process without an installed electrode

The RETRACTOFIT armature enables the installation of maintenance free electrodes into critical process, making it ideal for industrial applications. A special design feature integrated into the RETRACTOFIT construction allows the probe to be retracted from the process. The probe can then be cleaned, calibrated, or replaced without stopping or interrupting the process.

With only one push button required to retract the probe, the armature is easy and safe to use and requires minimal maintenance. When the probe is retracted, the electrode can be placed into the electrode chamber. In this position, the electrode can be stored wet, cleaned or even calibrated. A special safety lock prevents the probe from being moved into the process without an electrode installed. This safety feature prevents a connection between the process tank and the atmosphere, eliminating the risk of dangerous process media escaping. Two tube connectors allow easy access to the electrode chamber. All O-rings can be replaced without the use of special tools.

The RETRACTOFIT armature can be used with electrodes of 225 mm a-length and PG 13.5 thread, such as the EASYFERM™, POLILYTE™, POLYRESIST™, or EASYCONTROL™.

Mechanical Connection: G 1 1/4"
Total Length: 316 mm (measuring position) 400 mm (retracted position)
Maximum Diameter: 57 mm
Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel 1.4571; AISI 316 Ti, VITON
Temperature Range: -10...+130°C / 14...266°F
Maximum Pressure: 4 bar / 59 psi
Standard Immersion Length: 70 mm s for Installation: l electrodes with PG 13.5 thread and 225 mm a-length