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REMP Tube Technology
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REMP Tube Technology™ Consumables offer researchers a unique, efficient and unprecedented solution for managing samples. The use of these consumables virtually eliminates the risk of sample degradation arising from multiple freeze-thaw cycles by providing the flexibility of random, rapid and individual selection and arrangement of only needed samples.

Individual tubes can be randomly accessed and rapidly transferred to any position in its respective Destination Tube Rack by reliably being "pushed" or "punched" downwards from one rack to another which eliminates cross-contamination and dilution effects and maximizes speed during reformatting.

REMP Tube Technology™ Consumables are comprised of individually sealed or capped tubes secured within their own Tube Rack and conform to several of the ANSI/SBS Microplate Standards. REMP's patented tube transfer technology greatly improves the reliability of tube handling and can be done under environmentally controlled storage conditions, which occurs in all REMP Storage Systems, or under ambient conditions on a laboratory bench using the REMP Tube Punching Module (TPM).

Features and Benefits

  • Random access to sample - allows for reformatting of samples for use in sample profiling, secondary hit confirmation and target focused sub-libraries, as well as primary screening, genomics, forensics or other applications.
  • Minimizes freeze/thaw cycles on sample.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination, dilution effects and exposure to air while lowering overall cost and time compared to septum piercing, disposable tip exchange or tip washing.
  • Piercing Lids are available which further enhance sample accessibility by creating the greatest opening for disposable tips.
  • 384/96 tubes can be individually heat sealed - offering the best sample protection.
  • Optional 2D DataMatrix™ code for redundant tube verification and tracking.
  • Made of DMSO resistant, inert, medical grade polypropylene material and can be used at temperatures ranging from ambient to –80™C.