REMP Thermo Heat Seals by Brooks Life Science Systems

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REMP Thermo Heat Seals

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Brooks REMP Thermo Seal is a sealing material that can be utilized in many applications. Rolls have a capacity of 5,000 plates/tubes racks. Sheets are sold in boxes of 100. The principle being where the sealing material is placed in position over the plate. Heat is then applied evenly for several seconds, resulting in welding of the sealing material and the plate. This achieves a complete seal without the need for adhesives, which can interfere with the sample.

• REMP Thermo Seal is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse ensuring an extended sealing life over regular sealing foil
• REMP foil is color coded to ensure correct product is used for each application.
• Heat sealing ensures 100% sealing integrity
• Ideal for PCR and storage applications
• No adhesives that could interfere with samples
• Quicker and more cost-effective than other sealing methods

REMP Thermo-Seal Range
• Piercable Thermo Seal
• Removable Thermo Seal
• Extra-Durable Removable Thermo Seal
• Removable Thermo Seal for PS-Plates
• Clear Thermo Seal