REMP Seal Piercers by Brooks Life Science Systems

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REMP Seal Piercers

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Brooks REMP® Seal Piercers range is unique – it offers the chance to pierce a foil seal with a wide hole for reliable liquid handling and, as the lids are disposable, there is no risk of cross-contamination. REMP Seal Piercers facilitate the simple operation of the piercing lids.

Product Range
• Manual plate piercer (MPP), a manual device
• Universal Plate Piercer (UPP), with a pneumatic piercing action, but otherwise manual.
• Automated Plate Piercer (APP), an automated device for standalone operation or integration into a robotic system

Features and Benefits
• Cross-contamination is eliminated by the use of disposable, single use, piercing lid
• Lid forms an effective temporary seal after piercing
• Piercing lid gives a wide opening for improved liquid handling compared to piercing with a pipette tip or fixed piercing pin
• Ideal use with disposable pipette tips to further minimize the cross-contamination risk
• No-washing and drying: fast cycle time
• Minimize pipette tip coating wear

Product Overview