REMP Large-Size Store (LSS)

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Rating: 4.0
"Excellent product, however, I have had a few problems with the service department."

Review date: 09 Jul 2007 | REMP Large-Size Store (LSS)
The LSS is a customized sample store which is available in any configuration from a one aisle/one robot system up to a two aisles/four robots system. The LSS is designed to allow future upgrades in capacity, throughput and technology.

These systems allow storage of several container types within an individually defined capacity and storage environment. The store can process the famous REMP tube technology for selective substance handling at storage temperature. The storage temperature can be selected down to -80°C (-112°F).

The LSS is a complete system, which includes also all the necessary software: Storage Control Software and Sample Administration System. The Sample Administration System can be adjusted and expanded to customer's specific needs. Additional software modules like Manual Store Handling and Replication Planner can be simply added and customized.