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REMP Capper/Decapper

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The REMP® Capper/Decapper system is the only tube capping system designed for automation. It is used widely for both biological and compound samples. The latest version is designed specifically to work down to -80°C. Applications range from compound to DNA storage, both working and stock solutions as well as other biological liquids such as serum and other blood components.

Features and Benefits
• Caps designed for automation: reliable and fast automatic cap removal and replacement
• Caps proven down to -80°C: suitable for many biological samples as well as compound management
• High cap holding force: excellent seal integrity

Device Range
• ACD96: Automatically cap and decap a whole tube rack
• MCD8: Manually cap and decap a user selectable row of 8 tubes
• MCA: Manually applies a cap mat to a rack of tubes and removes the webbing
• MCD1: Manual cap and decap a single tube