REMP 96 Way Tubes by Brooks Life Science Systems

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REMP 96 Way Tubes
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Brooks REMP 96 Way Tubes provide storage and destination tube racks for samples. The tubes are manufactured from medical grade polypropylene; free of detectable DNA, DNase/RNase, PCR inhibitors, ATP and pyrogens minimising contamination or degradation of samples.

Features and Benefits
• Tubes that don't fall out as standard
• Tubes may either be capped or heat sealed
• 100% read validation
• 100% leak tested
• 96 V-bottom tubes in 8x12 array in a stackable, SBS footprint rack
• Optional REMP standard sequential linear barcode 128 (60mm x7mm); side A12-H12
• Open bottom on the rack allows good venting and rapid thawing