REMISOL Advance* Data Manager by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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REMISOL Advance* Data Manager

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Real-Time Information for Improved Workflow and Results Management.

REMISOL Advance* is unique software that consolidates patient test information from multiple instruments in your lab. It enhances your LIS, empowering you to access and manage information from a single workstation.

REMISOL Advance* Data Manager Features:

Focus on Critical Patients

  • REMISOL Advance* can deliver more timely information to technologists, enabling them to provide critical results faster to help clinicians make rapid and more informe treatment decisions
  • Improve turnaround time via automated stat notifications that alert operator to critical test requests
  • Help clinicians provide more timely intervention through REMISOL Advance* instant message window, which immediately alerts technologists about critical patient results

Reduce Medical Errors and Improve Patient Safety

  • Eliminate patient identification errors; system alerts technologists when a patient ID number is re-used on another patient
  • Ensure proper sample identification with user-defined delta-checking rules that alert technologists to abrupt changes in patient results
  • Maintain sample integrity with programmable exception for a wide variety of test protocol and procedures
  • User-defined rules enable analyzers to perform serum index tests automatically on all samples including those from emergency rooms to help prevent errors as a result of improper sampling

Eliminate Processing Delays

  • Efficient sample tracking helps you locate and identify samples from any networked location
  • Decrease manual review rates up to 90 percent through auto-validation based on user-defined criteria
  • See sample status in real time with continually updated pending log
  • Gain rapid access to sample status
  • Eliminate manual re-programming via reflex testing and delta checking; user-defined formula rules can be based on single or multiple test results
  • Automated message window quickly alerts technologists about recent test add-ons

More Power, More Productivity, One System

  • Access data from up to three Beckman Coulter instruments simultaneously through one REMISOL Advance* workstation
  • Manage an entire lab by networking up to five REMISOL Advance* workstations
  • Gain easy access to information at any level of implementation
  • View patient results quickly and efficiently through convenient, direct on-screen access

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* REMISOL Advance is a trademark of Normand-Info SAS

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REMISOL Advance* Data Manager by Beckman Coulter product image

REMISOL Advance* Data Manager

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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