Reliance™ Autosampler

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Spark Holland has been operating at the forefront of autosampler design for 25 years. Spark’s Reliance™ autosampler is the first true bio-injector, and is preferred by customers for 4 simple reasons:

-   Lowest possible carry-over
-   High-speed wash cycles
-   Low maintenance
-   Conditioned sample storage

The Reliance™ autosampler complies with GLP requirements and can be coupled with most LC-MS systems. It runs fully integrated with Analyst™ MS software, provides complete traceability, electronic signature authorization and stores the autosampler method in the data file.

Integrated in the Symbiosis™ System or operating as a stand-alone unit the Reliance™ autosampler will be a leap forward for the high throughput bio-analytical LC-MS/MS lab.