Refrigerated thermostatic baths and circulators

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The Grant Optima™ series of thermostatic refrigerated baths and circulators represent cost-effective multi-purpose systems for low temperature applications down to -47ºC and up to 100ºC.

Choosing a refrigerated bath and circulator
The four Grant Optima™ digital thermostats can be combined with the five Grant refrigeration (R) units to provide a choice of 19 models. To help you choose the correct system, please check our quick reference table for an overview of the temperature range of each combination and read our factsheet entitled 'Factors to consider when choosing a refrigerated bath and circulator'.

Choose from:

- the GD100 R series with digital control, 0º to 100°C
- the GD120 R series with digital control and integral pump, -20º to 100°C
- the GR150 R series with digital control, integral pump and enhanced programming features, -47º to 100°C
- the GR200 R series with digital control, enhanced integral pump and sophisticated programming features, -47º to 100°C

Grant low temperature circulators provide a source of precision cooling for many sensitive analytical procedures including spectrophotometry, viscometry, refractometry and electrophoresis. They are suitable for use in both open and closed loop circulation (i.e. remote vessel open or closed). Alternatively, the Grant RC series of recirculating chillers (closed circulators) can be used. For more powerful cooling requirements, e.g. the removal of mechanical or electrical heat produced in apparatus or machinery, please contact Grant for advice.

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Refrigerated thermostatic baths and circulators

Manufacturer Grant Instruments Ltd

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