Refrigerated Incubator with Peltier Technology - KT 115

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Refrigerated incubator with Peltier technology

The new KT 115 combines outstanding performance with impressive energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The KT 115 incubator is state-of-the-art in application and protects the samples.

Refrigerated Incubator with Peltier Technology - KT 115 Features:

  • Outstanding performance
    - The wide temperature range of +4 to 100°C provides the flexibility for up to 100 different short- and long-term continuous tests.
    - The two-sided horizontal airflow ensures excellent temperature distribution of only ± 0.3 K thanks to APT.line™ technology even under full load.
    - A special feature of the KT 115 is the useful decontamination of the entire inner chamber at 100°C.
  • Energy efficient, environmentally friendly and secure
    - Energy consumption has been reduced by up to 60% compared to similar compressor units, thus reducing electricity costs significantly.
    - The complete elimination of refrigerant makes an important contribution to environmental and fire protection.
  • State-of-the-art and quiet for samples and users
    - The new control unit with convenient pushbutton/rotary knob operation and 5.7 inch LCD monitor offers intuitive, menu-driven input of parameters and programs.
    - Particularly vibration-sensitive samples or organisms are safe in the extremely low-vibration KT 115.
    - The KT requires 30% less space for installation and easily fits under a table.