Reclaimer™ SRS by Horizon Technology, Inc.

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Reclaimer™ SRS

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Protecting the environment from harmful solvent vapors.

The Horizon Technology Reclaimer™ Solvent Recovery System (SRS) is designed to condense and collect solvent vapors which are generated by Horizon Technology's DryVap® Concentrator System.

Using a vacuum pump, the solvent vapors are pulled through a cold condenser coil, where the solvent vapors are chilled and converted back into a liquid form. The solvent then flows by vacuum and gravity into a plastic solvent resistant collection bottle. Once the bottle is full, the solvent is properly disposed.

Designed specifically to handle the volume of solvent vapor generated by the DryVap™ Concentrator System, the Reclaimer™ SRS operates at -18C and is capable of condensing and capturing approximately 85 - 95% of the solvent vapor. An internal temperature controller maintains the Reclaimer™ SRS at the optimal temperature for the maximum solvent collection.

The Reclaimer™ SRS allows facilities to:
•  Prevent harmful solvent vapors from being released to the atmosphere
•  Allow the collection of solvents for proper disposal or potential reuse
•  Reduces the costs of replacing solvents, if reused
•  Protects workers from exposure to harmful solvent vapors

The Reclaimer™ SRS features:
•  Mininal space requirements
•  Bench top or floor operation
•  Built-in wheel casters
•  Vacuum pump storage area
•  Dual temperature display
•  Vacuum gauge
•  Plastic vacuum collection bottle