R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Plasmid Kit (24)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 26173  |  Available Worldwide

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R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Plasmid Kit. For rapid purification of sequencing-grade plasmid, cosmid, BAC, PAC, or P1 DNA.
Kit contents: For 24 x 96 rapid extraction alkaline lysis minipreps: 24 QIAfilter 96 Plates, Square-Well Blocks, Tape Pads, Reagents, Buffers. Benefits: Optimized plasmid, cosmid, BAC, PAC, and P1 protocols. Highest possible DNA yields
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R.E.A.L. Prep 96 Plasmid Kit (24)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide

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