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Reagents for Western Blotting
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For simple, cost-effective protein detection, use Millipore's Western blotting reagents to achieve the highest sensitivity with the least background.

Bløk™ Noise Cancelling Reagents

Bløk reagents minimize background in Western blots, increasing sensitivity for superior detection of even low-abundance proteins. Bløk reagents are protein-free, which reduces non-specific binding, especially when you are using phosphoantibodies or avidin-biotin systems.

While Bløk reagents were specially engineered for Millipore’s SNAP i.d. detection system, they can be used to reduce background in traditional Western blotting protocols.

Choose from 3 Bløk reagents

• Bløk-CH buffer for HRP chemiluminescence or chromogenic detection
• Bløk-FL buffer for fluorescence detection
• Bløk-PO buffer for phosphotyrosine detection using chemiluminescence or fluorescence

Bløk Buffer Features:

• Ready-to-use
• Protein-free
• Will pass freely through SNAP i.d. blot holders
• Can be stored at room temperature
• Long shelf life:
• Bløk-CH/FL 2 year shelf-life
• Bløk-PO 1 year shelf-life
• Available in 500 mL bottle
• Compatible with PVDF (Immobilon P, Immobilon FL) and nitrocellulose
• Bløk-CH reagent compatible with Immobilon HRP substrate
• Compatible with streptavidin antibodies
• Ability to dilute the 1° and 2° antibodies using Bløk reagents
• Sufficient reagent for 19 mini blots (each 8 x 7 cm blot requires at least 26 mL for SNAP i.d.)

Why use a synthetic blocker?

• Reduce cross-reactivity which may be observed with protein-based buffers
• Reduce background, especially for detecting low-abundance proteins
• If you are studying protein phosphorylation
• If you are using an avidin-biotin system

Simplify troubleshooting

Bløk reagents allow you to stain the membrane after immunodetection so you can see if there were problems with the protein transfer, or learn whether each lane contained the same amount of protein.

Immobilion® Western HRP and AP Chemiluminescent Substrates

Millipore’s HRP and AP substrates excel in all Western and dot/slot/spot blotting applications. In addition, they are compatible with both PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes, as well as all commonly used buffers and blocking reagents.

In addition, they give you high sensitivity over a broad detection range at a much lower cost than other chemiluminescent substrates. This combination of versatility and value makes them the only substrates you need for your Western blotting experiments!

Spray and Glow Detection Reagent

The Visualizer™ Spray & Glow™ system is a light-emitting non-radioactive method for detecting immobilized specific antigens in chemiluminescent Western blots through HRP-labeled antibodies. Spray & Glow is comparable in sensitivity to an everyday “workhorse” ECL detection reagent, suitable for normal to high abundance proteins. As a plus, Spray & Glow is easy to use and requires no mixing or pipetting!

Its low background, high signal-to-noise ratio make it ideal for your research. As you may know, low background blots are considered higher quality data that are easier to analyze and more likely to be accepted for publication.

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Reagents for Western Blotting by MilliporeSigma product image