ReadyStrip IPG Strips by Bio-Rad

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ReadyStrip IPG Strips

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IPG Strips simplify 1D separations by immobilizing the pH gradient on an easy-to-handle support strip. ReadyStrip IPG strips are cast using high-purity IPG monomers, and are thoroughly tested for quality and performance to deliver gel-to-gel reproducibility. ReadyStrip IPG strips, available in a wide selection of pH gradients and strip lengths from 7 cm up to 24 cm, fit Bio-Rad's vertical electrophoresis cells and gels.

Design Features
• Stringent gel length tolerances of ±2 mm for consistent pI separations
• Anode and pH range clearly printed on each strip, with bar coding on 24 cm strips
• Consistent backing lengths on both ends for self-centering on second-dimension gels without trimming

Gradient Selection
• Standard broad-range pH gradients for maximum resolution of total protein on a single gel
• Narrow-range gradients for greater resolution with more centimeters of gel per pH unit over a full pH 3–10 range
• Micro-range gradients for the ultimate in resolution - Zoom in on an area of interest or fine-map an entire proteome; strips are carefully designed with sufficient overlap to allow spot matching while limiting the extent of redundant data