ReadyCal Standards for GPC by Kromatek

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ReadyCal Standards for GPC
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ReadyCal Kits

PSS ReadyCal Standards are polymer cocktails preweighted into auto-sampler vials. Each vial has three or four polymers of the same type with different molar masses. Carefully selected molar masses are placed into each vial so that the polymer traces are baseline separated.

A ReadyCal Kit allows you to prepare fast and reproducible 8 - 12 point calibration curve without the mess of weighing the samples. Just add solvent directly into the autosampler vial, let it stand for two hours, shake gently and load into your auto sampler for analysis.

Each kit contains 30 autosampler vials (for at least 10 calibration curves) that are colour coded for your convenience.

ReadyCals are available in 1.5ml and 4.0ml vials with Poly(styrene), Poly(methyl methacrylate) or Poly(ethylene glycol) molar mass reference standards.