rapidSTRIPE Food Pathogen Detection Assays

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science  |  Available Worldwide
rapidSTRIPE Food Pathogen Detection Assays

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A number of rapidSTRIPE Assays has been optimized for detecting Food pathogens.

Once the nucleic acid has been extracted from ticks (using the blackPREP Food DNA I Kit), the DNA is introduced into a specific combination reaction consisting of amplification and subsequent hybridization. Both of these reactions occur uninterrupted within the same reaction vessel. The final step involves loading the hybridized amplification product onto a Lateral Flow Strip. A positive test result for pathogen is confirmed by the appearance of a test line. The strip also includes a control line (conjugate control) to ensure the reaction is working properly. The Lateral Flow Strips developed for this assay are stable for long periods and can be archived.


Available are:

  • rapidSTRIPE Salmonella Assay
  • rapidSTRIPE Listeria Assay
  • rapidSTRIPE e.Coli O157 Assay
  • rapidSTRIPE e.Coli O104 Assay
  • rapidSTRIPE Campylobacter Assay
  • rapidSTRIPE Shigella Toxin II Assay