RapidQuant™ Mouse & Human IgG Antibody Quantification Assays

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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Quick and Easy Antibody Quantitation:

With its simplicity and ease of use, Guava’s new RapidQuantTM IgG Kits have raised the bar for IgG titering assays. Designed to be time-saving, labor-saving and money-saving, Guava’s RapidQuant kits eliminate the most tedious, laborious portions of antibody titering methods with Guava’s signature ease of use.

• Robust, rapid and highly reproducible
• Relevant quantitative range
• Quantifies most IgG subtypes equivalently
• Nearly twice as fast as typical ELISA assays
• Ideal for use with robotic plate handler automation

Guava RapidQuant kits are bead-based assays that rely on fluorescence for the quantitative measurements. The fluorescent intensity is proportional to the concentrations of antibody captured on the beads. The assay can be used to determine relative Ab production levels by different hybridoma clones or to determine absolute concentrations of antibody by comparison to a standard curve.

Using fluorescence provides tremendous reliability and precision so you can have confidence in every result. RapidQuant assays have been tested extensively with both human and mouse antibodies of all IgG subtypes and in many types of hybridoma media and have performed well in all cases tested. RapidQuant IgG kits are extremely specific and will not be hindered by the presence of FBS or IgM in the media.

RapidQuant kits also require very small volumes of sample for accurate determinations of antibody concentation so you can perform multiple analyses of each supernatant from a single 96-well plate.

Unlike many current colorimetric immunoassays, the fluorescence readout allows multiple plates to be prepared, refrigerated and read hours or days later, without a loss of signal. This unprecedented stability and robustness makes the assay ideal for large scale screening on robotic systems where multiple plates are prepared prior to sampling.

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RapidQuant™ Mouse & Human IgG Antibody Quantification Assays

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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