RapidFire High-throughput Mass Spectrometry System by Agilent Technologies

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RapidFire High-throughput Mass Spectrometry System
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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Sample Processing

"We are using this online solid-phase extraction system to screen libraries for our targets/projects. The system is not a separation system, but rather a fast, online solid phase extraction system allowing for speed of analyses and processing of a large number of samples."

Review date: 17 Feb 2014 | RapidFire High-throughput Mass Spectrometry System

Agilent’s RapidFire High-throughput MS System, a robust, in-line solid phase extraction technology enables ultrafast, label-free analysis of native compounds for biochemical assays in ADME and lead discovery workflows and biological matrices in forensic toxicology and clinical research applications.
The system integrates fast, serial, online sample purification with triple quadrupole, TOF or Q-TOF mass spectrometric analysis. Scientists can now perform rapid, direct measurement of multiple reaction products concurrently,

  • In 6 to 10 seconds per sample,
  • Using functional biochemical assays,
  • Achieving accurate sensitive mass spec results,
  • With no fluorescence interference, no tags and no antibodies,
  • At a much lower cost per well.

With high speed microscale valves, multi-plate capacity, and walkaway automation, the throughput capabilities of the Agilent RapidFire system are unmatched. Reductions in processing time, scientist intervention, and solvent usage result in maximal laboratory efficiency.

The Agilent RapidFire system requires no up-front sample preparation. The system samples directly from quenched assay plates without the need for offline solid-phase extraction or any other sample de-salting or pre-processing.

Researchers generate fast, accurate and reproducible results without the use of surrogates, radioactivity, coupled assays, or indirect measurements. The sequence-based injection of the RapidFire enables individual wells of each plate to be analyzed using separate mass spectrometric methods. The system can accommodate up to eighteen standard 96 or 384 well plates.
Available as hardware for your lab or as a contract research service, RapidFire provides researchers with shortened time to results, accurate data and greater potential for success.