Rapid Microbiology Testing Analyzer D-Count® by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX
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Rapid Microbiology Testing Analyzer D-Count<sup>®</sup> by AES CHEMUNEX product image
Rapid Microbiology Testing Analyzer D-Count®

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Rating: 3.7

"The D-Count definitely reduces turn-around time for microbial testing, but the reagents are quite expensive."

Review date: 29 Jun 2007 | Rapid Microbiology Testing Analyzer D-Count®
Sensitive results far in advance of any other technique mean D-Count is THE solution for microbial testing of non-filterable samples.

Using Chemunex's proven cell labelling and laser excitation technologies, the D-Count® microbial analyser combines speed with full automation.

D-Count® delivers sensitive, quantitative microbiology results within minutes for a wide range of non-filterable products.
  • Direct counts in minutes for non-sterile products
  • Sensitivity typically meets Pharmacopoeial requirements for TVC, yeasts and moulds
  • 20 hour presence/absence screen
  • Extensive routine applications available
  • High throughput - up to 60 samples per hour
  • Full automation reduces manpower requirement
  • Detection of objectionable micro-organisms in development
  • Full validation support available