Rapid Extraction System (RES) by CambTEK

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Rapid Extraction System (RES)
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The CambTEK Rapid Extraction System – A new approach to automated sample preparation of solid dosage forms for improved quality of data and productivity.

CambTEK's Rapid Extraction System (RES) delivers a step-change in performance compared with the existing methods, and is achieved using robust technologies and an intelligent consumable. Utilizing non-invasive turbulent flow with the option of ultasonics the RES delivers many advantages, including:

Reduced Sample Preparation touch time
Improved QC/QA
Increased laboratory throughput
In-process data
Easily prepare beads, capsules, gels, intermediate granulations, pellets, powders, solid & semi-solid matrices, stents, suppositories, swabs, and tablets (both normal and prolonged release)
Reduction in solvent consumption, with improved methods
Intuitive User interface and control for both skilled and non-skilled operators
Barcode sample tracking and chain of custody
Reduced cost per test, with improved methods

Application areas include: content uniformity testing, blend uniformity testing, stability analysis, tablet assay testing, capsule assay testing, drug assay testing, other impurities testing, quality analysis, batch release testing, and quality by design, dose content uniformity, batch release, stability assay, shelf life (end of life) testing, dose or drug content, drug impurities assay, bulk assay, incoming QC of raw materials, QC end product assay, pat assays or testing, at-line testing, in-process control assay test (IPCS), production QC, blend assay, blend homogeneity test, bulk drug purity assay, excipient compatibility tests, design space assays, experimental design for design space, process qualification (PQ) batches, process validation batches (PV), cleaning validation samples, occupational hygiene samples (people drug exposure monitoring – on filters), complaint samples or returns from market, design verification, incoming QC of raw materials, end product testing of solid products, compliant samples, spot testing by food inspectors.

Industry sectors include: pharmaceutical R&D and production, veterinary, food, fine chemicals, and forensics.