RamSpecTM-1064-HR Raman System by BaySpec, Inc.

Manufacturer BaySpec, Inc.
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RamSpecTM-1064-HR Raman System
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BaySpec’s RamSpecTM series High Resolution Long-wave 1064nm Raman Systems are designed to meet real-world challenges for best-in-class performance, long-term reliability, compact size and ultra-low fluorescence interference for Raman instrumentation of biological samples such as tissue and skin. Benefiting from experience manufacturing high-volume spectral monitoring devices for the telecommunications industry, BaySpec’s spectral devices utilize low-cost field proven components. For the first time in instrumentation history an affordable, accurate and ruggedized Raman spectral engine is a reality.

The RamSpecTM Series employs a highly efficient Volume Phase Grating (VPG) as the spectral dispersion element and an ultra sensitive InGaAs array detector as the detection element, thereby providing high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectrum measurements. As an input, the device uses a fiber optic bundle or slit optics arrangement based on customer preferences. The signal is spectrally dispersed with the VPG and the diffracted light is focused onto an InGaAs array detector. The control electronics read out the processed digital signal to extract required information. Both the raw data and the processed data are available to the end user.

Key Features:
• Self-automated wavelength calibration
• ~5 cm-1 spectral resolution in the entire 1064 nm Raman wavelength region
• Identifies both commonplace and rare chemicals through glass, plastic, transparent– and even translucent– materials
• Performs qualitative as well as quantitative analysis
• Rapid automated calibration to ensure operational accuracy
• Helps reduce the likelihood of human error by eliminating sample preparation and test interpretation
• Non-destructive testing preserves samples for additional tests and/or as evidence

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RamSpecTM-1064-HR Raman System by BaySpec, Inc. product image

RamSpecTM-1064-HR Raman System

Manufacturer BaySpec, Inc.

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews