RAININ Pipet-Lite™ XLS by Anachem

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RAININ Pipet-Lite™ XLS
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When it comes to pipetting innovations RAININ has always been ahead of the game in addressing user needs, so now brings you a pipette with even greater ergonomic benefits plus the innovative advantage of built in asset management.

The new family of Pipet-Lite XLS pipettes give you the exceptional accuracy, precision and assurance your science needs, the ergonomics and comfort you deserve plus unique asset management control to make your lab life easier.

With their sure-fit handles, lighter springs and RAININ’s patented Magnetic Assist Technology, the high-performance Pipet-Lite XLS instruments are designed for ultimate ease of use and ergonomic safety.

They are also the world’s first pipette family to be equipped with RFID tags for advanced calibration and asset management.

Bringing you the Best of Both Worlds

Low Forces for Extreme Comfort in Use, All Day Long
Extreme Accuracy and Precision with added Security

Total Hand comfort- Improved shape and balance for a lighter feel
Whether it’s actively in use or resting in your hand, a pipette must fit and feel right at all times. Through subtle improvements to the highly acclaimed Pipet-Lite grip, body, finger-hook and surface texture, we’ve made Pipet-Lite XLS the most ergonomically balanced and comfortable pipette on the market.

Even Lower Spring Forces
Lighter spring, low-drag seals and RAININ’s patented Magnetic Assist™ technology gives you a plunger that is smooth and precise, yet requires less force than ever.

Smooth, Fast Volume Change with Quick Lock for Security
Improved design of the snag-proof volume setting gives you smoother rapid volume adjustment, even when wearing gloves. Once your volume is selected the new easy-to-use lock mechanism prevents accidental volume drift, ensuring consistent delivery of results.

Calibration tracking
The unique embedded RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags in every Pipet-Lite XLS give you an easy and efficient way to keep track of your pipette inventory and
maintenance schedules. Great for improving asset management and maintaining calibration records for all users and a clear benefit for ensuring compliance in regulatory controlled laboratories.
. Note: Use of the RFID is optional and requires LabX™ Direct Pipette-Scan™ software and RFID reader.

Pipet-Lite™ XLS™ Single Channel Pipettes

• Available in Universal Tip Fit or LiteTouch™ Tip Ejection (LTS) Models for added Ergonomic benefits

• Ergonomic handle design with comfortable fingerhook

• Improved volume adjustment lock prevents drift

• Built-in shock absorber inside the tip ejector reduces thumb impact

• Autoclavable quick-release tip ejector on all models

Further Reduce Thumb Stress with LTS™

Choose the LTS™ pipetting system to dramatically reduce the repetitive stress of tip ejection.
With LTS, the cylindrical shaft and positive-stop in the base of the tip create a firm, snug seal that requires minimal force – 85% less than traditional pipette designs.

The LTS pipettes use RAININ LTS tips but these cost no more than standard tips and with a contract from Anachem you could even reduce your standard consumable costs.

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RAININ Pipet-Lite™ XLS by Anachem product image