R-AXIS IV++ by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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The R-AXIS IV++ is the most popular X-ray area detector for macromolecular crystallography. It combines two large active area imaging plates with fast readout speeds and a wide dynamic range, making it ideal for collecting accurate diffraction data from the widest ranges of samples in the home laboratory. Features Two large active area (300 mm x 300 mm) imaging plates provide simultaneous expose and read operations Widest dynamic range with dual photomultiplier design Highest sensitivity, using eight-fold pixel sampling Lowest noise, less than 0.5 X-ray photon Helical scan providing accurate data readout with no conversions No detector calibration required Low maintenance—all components can be serviced on-site Excellent detector for any of the protein HomeLab™ systems Supported by CrystalClear™ and HKL-2000 ® The R-AXIS IV++ is the workhorse X-ray detector for protein home labs around the world and provides that highest quality data of any IP detector available.