R-AXIS HTC by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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The R-AXIS HTC was designed with speed in mind. High throughput crystallography requires an area detector that can measure accurate data rapidly.

The R-AXIS HTC combines the proven data quality that is achieved with an imaging plate area detector with data acquisition speed that approaches that of an electronic detector.

It combines three large active area imaging plates with minimal dead-time and a wide dynamic range, making it ideal for collecting fast, accurate diffraction data from the widest ranges of samples in the home laboratory. High dynamic range is achieved through use of a dual photomultiplier configuration that allows high intensities to be measured by a second, attenuated photomultiplier.

Combining a well-proven, time-tested design with the lack of a need for calibration means that the R-AXIS HTC is a detector that can be maintained in the field with a minimum of downtime.

R-AXIS HTC Features:

  • Three imaging plates provide simultaneous expose, erase and read operations.
  • Large dynamic range achieved with dual photomultiplier design.
  • Highest sensitivity, using eight-fold pixel sampling.
  • Lowest noise, less than 0.5 X-ray photon.
  • Helical scan providing accurate data readout with no conversions or geometry corrections.
  • No detector calibration required.
  • Low maintenance—all components can be serviced on-site.
  • Controlled by HKL-3000R®