QX Series Precision Metering Pump by Chandler Engineering

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QX Series Precision Metering Pump

Chandler Engineering

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The Quizix QX Series pumps deliver unparalleled accuracy and repeatability - with the superior pulseless metering that is critical for so many of today's production and research environments.

Based on an advanced design that includes an innovative valve technology and two independently controlled motor-driven pistons, our pumps set new standards in continuous, pulse-free operation. The QX Series exemplifies what you should demand from a pump: Nothing short of premier performance and an unprecedented array of features for the price. All three models in the QX Series can pump continuously for any length of time, from seconds to months. You can pump fluid at either a constant flow rate or a constant pressure, specifying the precise flow rate or pressure to be maintained. A ramping feature enables the pumps to provide a smooth transition between two rate or pressure settings. QX Series pumps can also operate in either direction, letting you easily deliver or withdraw fluid to or from an application.

PumpWorks, Quizix's pump control software, can run up to eight QX Series pumps from a computer in a central or remote location. Using this intuitive program, you can start or stop all pumps in a multi-pump system simultaneously or operate them independently. For stand-alone applications, an optional front-panel touch-screen display gives you full control of all basic pump operations.