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Quartz Monitor Crystals
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Get the High Quality INFICON Crystals You Want, When You Want Them, at an Affordable Price.

INFICON quartz crystals meet all your requirements for reliability, availability and affordability. From raw quartz to finished monitor crystals, no one else can promise complete quality control. Because, now, the major supplier of blank quartz crystals is part of INFICON.

100% Testing and Inspection

To ensure maximum lifetime in your process and stable and accurate rate control, each crystal is examined for:

Resistance- Resistance is checked to assure measurement stability and longer coating life. Resistance is an indicator of electrical contact and electrode adhesion.

Frequency- Starting frequency within a small specification range is verified to ensure accurate thickness measurement.

Curvature- An electrical test for curvature is performed to assure resonance stability. Poor curvature results in measurement stability degrading more rapidly.

Visual Conformity- Each crystal is inspected for electrode uniformity, surface flaws, and other imperfections that are indicators of poor electrode adhesion and contamination.