QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit by QIAGEN

Manufacturer QIAGEN

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QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit

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For highly sensitive, specific, and ultrafast, probe-based real-time PCR

  • Accurate detection of rare targets down to one copy
  • Duplex capability for more results per reaction
  • Reaction stability of up to 100 hours at 30°C for flexible workflows
  • Visual indication of correct pipetting resulting in fewer pipetting errors
  • High specificity for better results
  • Increased throughput due to ultrafast cycling

Avoid the deleterious effects of mispriming at lower temperatures with the QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit. Based on a novel, antibody-mediated, hot-start mechanism, the kit enhances the specificity and efficiency of probe-based real-time PCR to provide accurate, singleplex or duplex, cDNA or gDNA analysis on various real-time PCR cyclers. The added convenience of extreme stability for up to 100 hours at room temperature, without a need for any cooling agent, makes it ideal for handling of high-throughput samples and automated workflows. An in-built tracking system for visual identification of correct pipetting gives you absolute peace of mind while the extreme sensitivity for even low target amounts ensures reliable qPCR results every time.