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QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay

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QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay Platform - Take your research to the next level with RNA in situ hybridization assays.

QuantiGene ViewRNA Assays are novel RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assays enabling localization and visualization of RNA in cells or tissues in singleplex and multiplex assay formats. QuantiGene ViewRNA Assays offer sensitive single-molecule RNA detection with virtually no background.

QuantiGene ViewRNA Assays offer two basic ways to visualize your RNA targets in situ: chromogenic (CISH) and fluorescence (FISH) detection.

QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay Platform Features:

  • Sensitive single-molecule detection of RNA
  • High specificity using simultaneous branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification and background suppression
  • Flexible probe design to target any sequence within a gene
  • “By request” probe synthesis to any target gene are delivered in less than 1 week

QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay Platform Applications:

  • Transcriptional profiling of individual cells within a population
  • Heterogeneity of gene expression in cells or tissues
  • Stem cell pluripotency & differentiation
  • Signaling pathways – cell to cell variability
  • Quantifying gene expression in cancer biopsies
  • A companion to antibody based in situ immunofluorescent and immunohistochemistry or DNA FISH assay