QuantiFluor™ RNA System by Promega Corp.

Manufacturer Promega Corp.

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QuantiFluor™ RNA System
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The QuantiFluor™ RNA System contains a fluorescent RNA-binding dye that enables sensitive quantitation of small amounts of RNA in solution. Detecting and quantitating small amounts of RNA is a very important step used in many biological applications, particularly in molecular biology techniques. These include measuring yields of in vitro transcribed RNA and measuring RNA concentrations before performing Northern blot analysis, S1 nuclease assays, RNase protection assays, cDNA library preparation and reverse transcription PCR.

Features - Benefits

Increase your Sensitivity: Significantly increased sensitivity over absorbance at 260nm (NanoDrop®) for those samples that are low in concentration.
Save Precious Sample for Downstream Assays: Less template RNA required than spectrophotometry.
Setup Quickly and Easily: System includes all the necessary reagents to quickly set up and quantitate RNA.
Experience Flexible Instrument Compatibility: Sets up easily on both the QuantiFluor™ and GloMax®-Multi Instrument lines. This system also can be used on any fluorescent instrument with appropriate optical channels.
Remain Cost-Effective: Value priced for those customers who are cost-conscious and budget-constrained.


RNA quantitation.


Each QuantiFluor™ RNA System contains sufficient volume to perform 200 assays at 2ml or 2,000 assays at 200μl.