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Quantitative real-time rapidPCR: The thermal cycler qTOWER
• High speed, real-time PCR up to 10 times faster than conventional cyclers
• Patent pending, fiber-optic system achieves high signal intensities
• Enormous cost reduction – works with reaction volumes of just 5 µL
• Highly energy efficient and RoHS compliant
• Integrated, user-friendly control and analysis software
• Attractive high-gloss design

The real-time thermal cycler qTOWER sets new standards for speed on the qPCR market. Based on the established rapid PCR, the qTOWER is up to 10 times faster than commonly available systems, achieving heating rates of 12 °C/sec and cooling rates of 8 °C/sec. Completely quantitative PCR runs can be performed in less than 25 min. The significant reduction of reaction volumes (down to 5 µL) is yet another highlight, as is the exceptional savings (up to 75 %) of expensive real-time reagents. Consumables have been optimized, making reaction volumes up to 20 µL possible and completely matching comparable instruments with its maximum capacity of 96 samples.
• qPCR with up to 96 samples in less than 25 minutes
• Adjustable ramping rates from 0.1 °C/sec up to 12 °C/sec
• Reaction volumes of 5 – 20 µL generate outstanding savings of expensive reagents
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Striking Real-time PCR
10 Apr 2012