QICAM Digital Camera by QImaging

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High Performance Digital CCD Camera.

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QICAM Digital Camera

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The QICAM camera is designed for quantitative analysis and high-resolution imaging in brightfield, life science and industrial applications.

A progressive-scan interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of 1.4 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output. High-speed, low noise electronics provide linear digital data at frame rates up to 110 fps with binning and ROI. QCapture imaging software (Windows® and Mac OS) is included for real-time image preview and capture.

QICAM Digital Camera Features:

  • 1392 x 1040 pixels
  • 4.65µm x 4.65µm pixel size
  • 1/2" optical format
  • Electronic shutter
  • 12-bit
  • Binning up to 8x8
  • ROI
  • External trigger