QIAGEN OneStep RT-PCR Kit (25)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 210210  |  Available Worldwide
For highly sensitive and specific one-step RT-PCR

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QIAGEN OneStep RT-PCR Kit. For highly sensitive and specific one-step RT-PCR.

Kit Contents:

Qiagen OneStep RT-PCR Kit, 25 x 50L rxns, RNA Template Sample, Reverse Transcription Enzyme Activity, One-step RT-PCR Reaction, With Hotstart, Ideal for Gene-expression Analysis, Virus Detection, For Highly Sensitive and Specific One-step RT-PCR, Includes Qiagen OneStep RT-PCR Enzyme Mix (1 x 50L), 5x Qiagen OneStep RT-PCR Buffer (1 x 250L), dNTP Mix (1 x 50L, 10mM Each), 5x Q-Solution (1 x 400L), RNase-free Water (1 x 1.9mL).


  • Fast and easy one-tube setup
  • Efficient one-step RT-PCR of any RNA template without optimization
  • Unique enzyme mix for high specificity and sensitivity
  • Balanced mixture of enzymes with optimized reverse-transcription buffer

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QIAGEN OneStep RT-PCR Kit (25)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide

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