QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit (250)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 206403  |  Available Worldwide
For sensitive and accurate long-range PCR

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QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit. For sensitive and accurate long-range PCR.

Kit Contents:

Qiagen LongRange PCR Kit, 250 x 50L rxns, Amplification of Extremely Long PCR Products (up to 40 kb DNA), Low Error Rates, Ensured by High-fidelity Enzyme, Minimal PCR Optimization due to Unique Buffer System, Amplification of Low-copy Targets and GC-rich Templates, For Sensitive and Accurate Long-range PCR, Includes LongRange PCR Enzyme Mix (40U), LongRange PCR Buffer, 5x Q-Solution, RNase-free Water, 10mM dNTPs.


  • Amplification of extremely long PCR products (up to 40 kb DNA)
  • Low error rates, ensured by high-fidelity enzyme
  • Minimal PCR optimization due to unique buffer system
  • Amplification of low-copy targets and GC-rich templates

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QIAGEN LongRange PCR Kit (250)

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide

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