QIAamp MinElute Media Kit

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |   Model: 57414  |  Available Worldwide
For purification of DNA from liquid media

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QIAamp MinElute Media Kit. For purification of DNA from liquid media.

Kit Contents:

Qiagen QIAamp MinElute Media Kit, 50 preps, 250L Sample, 20 to150L Elution Volume, MinElute Columns Format, Silica Technology, For Purification of DNA from Liquid Media, High-quality DNA with Efficient Removal of Alcohols, Phosphate-buffered Liquid Transport Media, Includes 50 QIAamp MinElute Columns, Qiagen Proteinase K, Carrier RNA, Buffers, Extension Tubes (3mL), Collection Tubes (1.5mL).


  • Purification from a variety of liquid transport media
  • Time-saving vacuum procedure for convenient handling and ease of use
  • Flexible elution volumes from 20 to 150 µl
  • High-quality DNA with efficient removal of alcohols/contaminants

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QIAamp MinElute Media Kit

Manufacturer QIAGEN  |  Available Worldwide

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