QCS Front Loading Mid-Capacity Autoclaves by Priorclave Ltd

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QCS Front Loading Mid-Capacity Autoclaves
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The QCS range of autoclaves is one of the most versatile and cost efficient steam sterilisers available today.

Choose from one of the three standard chamber sizes of 100, 150 and 200 litres, and since they offer 20% more loading capacity than other sterilisers of the same capacity the QCS has the flexibility to accommodate both small and taller than usual items, avoiding the need to invest in larger, heavier and more costly rectangular sterilisers.

They can be supplied for either electrical or direct steam heated chambers. From simple cycles to fully featured multi-programme operation with printed records, a powerful TACTROL®2 controller allows unrivalled flexibility and monitoring. For a busy working environment, automating the sterilising process and with features to assist in autoclave management, TACTROL®2 enables other tasks to be undertaken secure in the knowledge that sterilisation is proceeding safely and efficiently.

Introducing any Priorclave QCS model to any laboratory will enable it to improve throughput brought about by the increased loading capacity and performance, as well as benefiting from lower overall running costs.

QCS Front Loading Mid-Capacity Autoclaves Features:

  • Models with capacities from 100 to 200 litres
  • Operation up to 140C - 2.5 Bar
  • Large diameter chamber giving 20% more loading area than conventional models.
  • Quickseal 2 single action door closure system
  • Steam generated within the chamber (electrically heated models) - Direct steam heated models available
  • Complete with thermocouple entry and test ports
  • Forced air cooling as standard helping to reduce cycle times
  • Automatic timed freesteaming as standard for improved air removal and sterilising performance
  • Delayed start and media warming function as standard for ready to pour media at the start of the day
  • A large selection of options and accessories is available to help to get the most from your Priorclave