QBC ParaLens Advance Fluorescent Microscope Attachment

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The QBC ParaLens Advance microscope attachment is a unique solution to fluorescence microscopy in that it combines the critical components of an epi-fluorescence microscope, namely the light source and filter set, with a microscope objective in a compact, durable format that can transform virtually any compound light microscope into an epi-fluorescence microscope. Utilising LED technology, the ParaLens light source lamp has a life of 20,000 hours, far exceeding that of standard fluorescence scopes, and can be powered by low voltage DC sources, such as a solar pack or laptop computer USB port. Moreover, the LED source is mercury-free and produces no UV radiation.

Designed for Functionality:

The ParaLens Advance is available with a light source-filter combination that supports fluorescence applications that utilise blue excitation and emission light in the green to red spectrum (e.g., FITC fluorescence). This combination allows for a very broad range of applications such as TB detection, malaria diagnosis, indirect fluorescence assays, antibody-based staining studies, gene/protein expression studies, water testing, and many other functions.

The attachment is available with 40x, 60x (oil), and 100x (oil) objectives and a solar/battery pack power source, as well as USB, car cigarette lighter, and battery clamp power cords are available for use in resource limited settings. The ParaLens is packaged in a rugged custom case that is perfect for transport and storage in the field and other rough settings.