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QBC Malaria Kits
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The QBC Malaria Test represents a revolution in malaria and other blood borne parasite testing technology. This simple to use test contains all of its staining agents within a single tube, thereby making testing faster and easier.

Clinicians on the frontline of the malaria battle need fast results. The QBC Malaria Test leaves other malaria testing options in the dust in terms of preparation time and time required for review.

The test itself can be prepared in just 6-7 minutes, as it requires only to be filled with finger stick blood then centrifuged in the QBC Centrifuge for 5 minutes. The test can then be analysed under a fluorescent microscope (we recommend our QBC ParaLens Advance Fluorescent Microscope System).

Since the tube has been concentrated by centrifugation, the malaria parasites will be concentrated. Experienced technicians are capable of declaring a sample negative in just 3 minutes. At just 9-10 total minutes, the QBC Malaria Test can be performed in a third of the time of existing products.

These tubes are designed for use with the QBC Paralens Advance System