Q-22 Q-Series Ultraviolet Magnifier/Woods Lamps

Manufacturer Spectronics Corp.

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-The Q-Series offers twelve lamp models with various combinations of long wave UV, short wave UV and white light, giving you the ability to select a unit that's ideal for your specific application.

- You can choose a Q-Series lamp with either one, two or four long wave UV (365nm) tubes, depending on your intensity requirements. Most units are also equipped with either white light or short wave UV (254nm) tubes. The 2 x 4" (5 x 10cm) high-resolution magnifier lens adds another dimension to this multi-purpose line of lamps. Optically ground and polished, the lens provides three power magnification at an 8 inch (20cm) focal length.

- A rugged phenolic handle is attached to the housing by a friction-lock swivel joint for superior comfort and flexibility. For higher UV transmission and substantially longer filter life, each lamp utilizing short wave UV tubes is equipped with our unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass, which lasts up to 50 times longer than conventional filters.