PxE Thermal Cycler by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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PxE Thermal Cycler

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The PxE Thermal Cycler (PxE) is a licensed 96 well PCR machine, developed to provide all fundamental features for value for money thermal cycling.  It is built on the foundation of Thermo's sixteen years experience in manufacturing and retains a high level of accuracy and performance that is synonymous with other products in the range.  The combination of robustness, affordability and features evident in more sophisticated machines define its status as a core indispensable tool, for researcher and student alike.

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Features and Benefits:
Accurate temperature control for excellent PCR performance.
96 well format for flexible sample throughput.
Custom designed software for simple running of PCR protocols.
Low cost for affordable personal cycling.
Compact design for economy of space.
Automatic self-checks for guaranteed instrument performance.
Backed by Thermo Electron's quality guarantee