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The Px2 Thermal Cycler is a personal gradient option PCR machine.  Easy to use sophisticated onboard software and a large graphical display for easy programming.  All of our interchaneable blocks are precision engineered providing a superior fit to your choice of consumable.  Superior fit, uniform heat transfer - reliable PCR results.

Product detail:

The Px2 Thermal Cycler is the most advanced personal thermal cycler developed by Thermo to date. Designed to offer performance, accuracy and simplicity in thermal cycling, the Px2 incorporates a number of customer driven features built up on years of PCR experience.

The combination of quality engineering, accurate temperature control and user friendly software ensures that the Px2 Thermal Cycler (Px2) is an  excellent choice for scientists using PCR as an integral technique in their laboratories. 

Unlike most other thermal cyclers, Thermo offers five control modes for precision temperature control, including our active tube control for in sample measurement. In addition, it is offered with a choice of six interchangeable blocks, including the latest gradient cycling format.

New Heated Lid Design
Our heated lid is designed to be simple to operate.  In one action, the lid is closed and the heated plate lowered to the correct height.  Increased pressure and temperature have been incorporated to ensure ultimate flexibility in choice of sample format and sealing options.

New Large High Definition Display
Control of the Px2 centres around the new large high definition display. The screen is designed to improve user friendliness by providing detailed information about the status of the system with a minimal amount of user intervention.

New Keypad Design
Programming and navigation through the various screens of the Px2 is made easy with the introduction
of the new keypad design and soft keys.

New User Friendly Software
Day to day use of the Px2 is made even easier by the integration of the new user friendly software.
Running protocols is simple and the graphical display provides immediate updates on progress.
Multiple Interchangeable Block Options
Px2 provides excellent flexibility in sample format for multi user labs. Six interchangeable block options
ensure that, should your requirements change, you need only purchase additional blocks rather than a complete thermal cycler.
Absolute Temperature Control
Optimal performance of PCR protocols can be obtained by utilising one of our active or simulated temperature
control methods. These monitor the temperature of the instrument in accordance with the sample temperature.


Accurate temperature control for optimal PCR performance
Gradient capability for rapid protocol optimisation
Outstanding well to well uniformity for reproducible PCR performance
High definition ? VGA display for enhanced user-friendliness
Keypad with functional softkeys for easy software navigation
Software designed for easy editing and protocol manipulation
Multiple interchangeable block options for flexible choice of sample size
Adjustable heated lid for flexible choice of consumable type