PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer (181-4000) by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer (181-4000) by Bio-Rad product image
PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer (181-4000)
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Average Rating: 4.3
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Sealing 384 plates with clear and aluminum heat seals

"The sealer was very easy to set up and ready to seal pretty much out of the box. Works well, eliminates user error inherent in manual application of seals that leads to evaporation at corner and edge wells. My only complaint is the price of the seals, I would expect them to be cheaper than adhesive seals since we have to buy the sealer, and unfortunately they are not."

Review date: 08 Dec 2014 | PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer (181-4000)
PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer The PX1 PCR plate sealer provides consistent and uniform sealing across an entire microplate.

This semiautomated heat sealer is ready to seal in less than 3 minutes. The PX1 sealer removes human variability from plate sealing and helps eliminate sample evaporation from the PCR workflow. This versatile instrument is compatible with a variety of heat sealing films and foils and a wide range of PCR plates. The PX1 PCR plate sealer features an intuitive touch-screen user interface. The thermal sealing process is simplified by allowing sealing temperature and time to be modified with the touch of a button.

Key Features and Benefits of the PX1 PCR plate sealer:

  • Fast startup time — avoid delaying an experiment while the sealer warms up
  • Extremely intuitive — save time programming the instrument
  • Small footprint — accommodates crowded laboratory benches
  • Quickly access sealing protocols — save time by easily using stored protocols