PURELAB Chorus 3 by ELGA LabWater

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PURELAB Chorus 3
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PURELAB Chorus 3 provides Type III (primary RO grade) water on demand with a wide range of flow rates up to 120 l/hr.

When general laboratory grade water is needed PURELAB Chorus 3 (RO) provide reliable solutions with flexibility to suit your requirements.

PURELAB Chorus 3 Features:

  • Deionization - ‘Reverse Osmosis feed optimized’ resin mixes to maximize consumables capacity.
  • Configuration - Ability to configure multiple systems to increase flow rate.
  • Simplicity - Simple to install, operate and maintain with a clear indication of water purity.
  • Auto Rinse - Maintains purity of water during periods of low use.
  • Economical - Optional CO2 removal from the purified water (post RO) increasing the life of downstream consumables.
  • Upgradable and Reliable - Easy upgrade to higher flow rates to meet your future demands.


  • Stills Replacement
  • Buffer Preparation
  • pH Solution Preparation
  • Washing / Rinsing
  • All Stainless Steel Autoclaves
  • General Chemistry
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Heating Baths
  • Hydroponics / Plant Growth Cabinets
  • Steam Generators
  • Stability Chambers
  • Sterilizer Feed
  • Feed to Type I & II Polishers

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