CHEF-DR® III Pulsed Field Electrophoresis

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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The CHEF-DR® III variable angle system combines patented PACE technology and proven CHEF technology into one easy-to-use instrument that lets you use up to three blocks of run conditions to generate high-resolution separations; specify any electrophoresis angle from 90 to 120°. Separation of chromosome-sized DNA can be achieved in almost half the time previously possible, without sacrificing resolution.

Each CHEF-DR III system is supplied with a power module, electrophoresis cell, variable-speed pump, and accessory kit.The CHEF-DR III chiller systems also come with a cooling module.

The CHEF-DR III system has built-in automation. It will recall the last conditions and use them as the default protocol. The CHEF-DR III system will also recall current run conditions and run progress if interrupted by power failure and resume the run without user intervention.

With the CHEF-DR III system, conditions are entered by the user. The instruction manual describes extensive examples of run conditions based on a variety of size separation ranges.

Application Versatility
The ability to program the angle of electrophoresis with the CHEF-DR III system enables fast, high-resolution separations of DNA molecules ranging from 200 kb to >6 Mb. The CHEF-DR III system allows selection of the optimal voltage gradient, switch time, and angle for the specific DNA size range. Separations can be further optimized by programming up to three consecutively executing blocks of run conditions, increasing the variety of possible run conditions.

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CHEF-DR® III Pulsed Field Electrophoresis

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews