Pulsed discharge detectors Model D-2

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VICI introduces the GC detector where the PDD (pulsed discharge detector) utilizes a stable, low-powered, pulsed DC discharge in helium as the ionization source. The D-2 is a dual mode, universal detector system which can be retrofitted to your older GC. The D-2-I is a helium photoionization detector, optimized for trace level work with packed columns. The stand-alone systems include detector, controller, electrometer, helium purifier, and power supply.

The performance is equal to or better than GC detectors with conventional radioactive sources. The microvolume, dual filament TCD (thermal conductivity detector) is a stand-alone unit optimized for capillary chromatography and enhanced sensitivity at low flow rates.

Available for 110 VAC and 230 VAC.

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Pulsed discharge detectors Model D-2

Manufacturer VICI AG International

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