PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotomes by Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.

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PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotomes
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Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.

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Average Rating: 4.4
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5 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: ultramicrotomy

"This instrument is very easy to use at room temperature but also in cryo and very precise. The interface is very friendly to use and I like the optic equipment on this machine. For cryo the machine drinks not much liquid nitrogen, it’s very economical. You can use different type of special sample’s holders (for tube, planchettes ect…). Finally, the company who provides this machine is always reachable to answer your questions and make the maximum for the costumers."

Review date: 10 Jun 2013 | PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotomes
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  • Member since: 2012

  • Organization: ICCOM CNR

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
    Value for money
    3 out of 5
Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area:Life science, material science

"This traditional ultramicrotome works very well, it is easy to use and reliable. The cryo-port is quite difficult to use- the tube is very fragile and expensive to repair."

Review date: 05 Nov 2012 | PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotomes
PC controlled ultramicrotome supplied complete with all-in-one slim design computer, with integrated “Touch Screen” control monitor, wireless mouse & keyboard, interconnect cables & accessories. All control functions are activated by touching the control monitor screen, or by mouse, or by using the digital controller. Color monitor displays bright, user friendly, control icons logically & clearly located around central video image display panel.


• Power Tome, high stability, zero back-lash, cutting arm drive system
• High precision, manually operated, knife stage
• Ergonomic photostereomicroscope system with constant radial focus, eucentric tilt control adjustment & unique “Scan and Tilt” control.
• Numeric & digital displays of number of sections cut, total specimen feed advanced, section thickness, cutting speed and specimen feed remaining
• Built-in hand rests for maximum comfort when specimen trimming and collecting sections
• Bright LED approach backlight with independent LED specimen transillumination/spotlight for specimen localization
• Cutting zone set by unique Visutrac™ control that can be adjusted at any time. Cutting zone can also be set by positioning specimen & touching upper & lower cutting zone icons on the touchscreen or the control buttons on the tactile controller.
• Electronic stepping control for automatic specimen advance/return
• Built-in report generator & data base with specimen parameter recall mode.
• Five memory channels to store frequently used cutting and trimming parameters
• Built-in diagnostic & set-up routines
• Help menu
• HD video package with photostereozoom microscope, c-mount & camera factory installed
• Skype internet software factory installed with tech support contacts included