PSD/3 Syringe Pumps by Hamilton Company

Manufacturer Hamilton Company
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PSD/3 Syringe Pumps
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Average Rating: 3.0
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Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: R&D Biomarker

"There is a wide range of syringe volumes and it is easy to integrate into a computer controlled system. Sometimes the values appear to be in the correct position but are not and need to be repositioned. Service is good."

Review date: 29 Feb 2012 | PSD/3 Syringe Pumps
PSD/3 syringe pumps are driven with a DC servo motor. The syringe pumps have self contained driver components. The pumps excel in applications requiring a linear laminar flow, as well as superb accuracy and precision.

PSD/3 Features:

• DC Servo motor-driven syringe pump
• Compact 30 mm syringe stroke
• Self-contained module includes both logic and driver boards
• Versatile RS-232 communications interface
• Daisy chain up to 16 units
• Certified accuracy within ±1.0% and precision within +.2%, traceable to N.I.S.T.
• Syringe speeds from 0.5 second to 60 minutes per stroke